Mike Smith has been an outstanding advocate of public education in Delaware.  Over the past two years he been a great sounding board for ideas, as well as a go to for assistance when needed.  I find Mike approachable, easy to talk to, and people first.  I hope the citizens of the 22nd district chose him to continue to represent our excellent area and State.

Jay Bastianelli

Principal, HB du Pont Middle School – Red Clay Consolidated School District

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Mike Smith for the last 15 years. When he ran for the 22nd District State House Representative seat in 2018, I was confident he would prove to be an asset to the district and the State of Delaware. Mike’s commitment is exemplified by his extraordinary work ethic and dedication to public service. His efforts to communicate with the residents of the district during the Covid-19 pandemic are an example of this dedication. Furthermore when considering legislation, Mike is diligent in studying the issues and working with his colleagues from both parties in the House of Representatives before making a decision of how best to proceed.  An example of Mike’s commitment to the residents of the 22nd district citizens was displayed after this summer’s severe storms when he toured the area surveying damage with a chain saw in hand to assist with the clean up. Because of his hard work, dedication and willingness to act in a bi-partisan matter Mike Smith has earned my vote, as the Democrat, for re-election.

Rich Heffron

Limestone North

When I first met Mike Smith and his family, he was a customer at Drip Cafe. As with so many of my customers, friendships are built throughout the years and a true kinship for each other’s successes. I watched Mike throughout his campaign and his first term as State Representative. I saw a man who was thoroughly involved in his community, someone who wanted to be able to communicate effectively with his constituents and other state officials. It’s easy to see that Mike Smith truly enjoys helping people, connecting people, and filling in wherever there is a need. Those characteristics were on full display during the early days in the Covid-19 quarantine. Mike Smith was one of the few local politicians who was out helping small businesses, supporting the community, and relaying information. Mike helped connect PPE and other resources to assisted living facilities throughout the district. He supported various local restaurants, not only through purchasing take out, but also by highlighting and encouraging others to follow his lead. He gave a voice to small business owners, when we felt like no one could hear us.  In today’s political theater, “party politics” and “the Delaware way” have become a divisive and driving force in our state and our country.  We need politicians that can rise above the drama and start to bring people together. Mike Smith is exactly that type of State Representative.  He is a representative who is more concerned with his constituents and his district, than whatever the party politics du jour would dictate. He is the candidate that we want representing us. In the end, I like Mike, and I think you should too.

Greg Vogeley

Owner/Operator, Drip Cafe

Mike has been extremely responsive and engaged in this difficult time. I am proud of his involvement in the district. He has kept us informed of the corona virus testing sites, food drives and school issues. He has been visible, active and effective in resolving district issues. I would like you to join me in supporting Mike on November 3.

Former Rep. Joe Miro

Former District 22 State Representative, Foxfire

Representative Mike Smith has been the leader we need representing us. From his regular coffee sessions to his informational emails throughout his entire time in office, he has done an unparalleled job keeping us informed of what is happening and how it could impact us. Mike is always available to help us understand pending legislation or take our concerns to the right person in government. He has quickly shown to be someone we can count on to look out for us in the General Assembly. I feel his inclusive leadership style is working and what we need right now in the General Assembly.

Lee Mikles

Grain Craft Bar+Kitchen

I have always been impressed by you and your family, your strong work ethic, your sincere desire to help/add value and the genuine way in which you conduct yourself.

You are consistent.  You are always there working and advocating for our communities and striving to be a positive force in our state government.  You don’t just show up for pictures or reach out when you need/want something like a vote.

I appreciate your frequent outreach and regular communications with updates about things in our District/State that are relevant and may have an impact on me, my family and my business.

You are doing a fantastic job and I am proud to have you as my State Representative!

G. Ward Keever, IV, CLU, ChFC, RHU, AEP, CFS, AIF, CKA

President and CEO, Covenant Wealth Strategies

I’ve grown to know Mike Smith over the past 5 years through our work together on the University of Delaware’s College of Health Sciences Advisory Board, and as my State Representative. I know that Mike cares deeply about people in the community and will go the extra mile to offer assistance during challenging times. I have seen him load trucks in early morning food drives, be readily available in times of emergency, and connect with his constituents regularly to listen and help.

Linda Laskowski-Jones, MS, APRN, ACNS-BC, CEN, NEA-BC, FAWM, FAAN

My name is Nate Schwartz and I support the re-election of Mike Smith!  I have had the great pleasure to get to know and work closely with Mike over the past couple of years as our State Representative.  You will even catch him at a local Cub Scout Pinewood Derby event.  He is passionate about education and the needs for all stakeholders.  Mike is very responsive and cares very much about his constituents and the overall betterment of Delaware. I look forward to continue working with Mike for years to come.

Nate Schwartz

Bridleshire Farm

My name is Catherine LaPenta and I am writing to attest to the character of Mike Smith. Mike is actually not the Representative in my district but when I did not get a timely response on my mother’s heartbreaking situation, I was advised by a family member to connect with this young, dedicated man. Within days Mike researched the situation, sent me useful information and promised to continue to be an advocate for common sense in how Delaware responds to the Covid crisis. I learned that he has held ‘coffee sessions’ and meetings in his district throughout his current term, something I seldom see. Your district is fortunate to have a smart and honest representative who works harder to serve you than most others will do.

Catherine LaPenta

I had the pleasure of working with Mike when he was hired at the New Castle County Chamber of Commerce as the Director of the Greater Newark Economic Development Partnership.  From day one I was impressed with Mike, particularly with his love and dedication to his family.  Yes, he is a capable proven professional in his chosen field, but he is also a young man with exceptional moral values.  To say that Mike has worked tirelessly for our District is an understatement.  I get tired just reading about what he does each day!  He is accessible and listens to the concerns of his constituents no matter what the issue.  I believe he has demonstrated that he is the best person to represent our District and has earned our vote to continue to do so.  We are in excellent hands with Mike Smith as our representative, and another term for Mike will enable him to continue to improve the quality of life in 22.

Barbara Weiss

Limestone Hills

In typical Delaware fashion, I’ve known Mike and Christy through various channels for close to a decade.  They’ve both been customers of my promotional products business for years, and we have hundreds of mutual connections.  I’m also extremely proud to call Mike my State Representative.

I think anyone who knows Mike will tell you he’s selfless, dedicated to his family, and a tireless advocate for his community and State.   Without reservation, I can tell you that Mike represents all the all things you’d expect of a friend or an elected official.  He’s honest, trustworthy, funny, hard-working…. and he’s just as real as they come.  No pretense.  He puts others before himself always, whether it’s loved ones or work life.   There’s a level of transparency with Mike that’s refreshing.  He will come right out and tell you that life has not been easy.  But he has learned to overcome some incredible obstacles, and he puts those lessons to use every time he goes to bat for our district or for an individual in need.

When I think of Mike, one special memory rises to the top consistently.  A mutual friend of ours was senselessly killed a few years ago.  The shock of the tragedy rocked everyone so intensely that friends and family had a hard time even processing the grief, much less pulling together to have a public service.  Mike took it upon himself to be sure that her memory was honored in the most moving memorial service I’ve attended.  He personally scheduled, planned, choreographed and conducted the details of the evening, from programs, to live music to spoken tributes, to video montages.  He put his own deeply felt emotions aside to help the family and community pay their respects and grieve properly.  That is Mike.

I have no reservations in saying, regardless of the pursuit, you want Mike on your team.

Donna O’Dell Hoke

Limestone Hills West

I will forever be grateful to Representative Mike Smith.  My son, who has schizophrenia, was untreated and living homeless last year.  I tried to get services for him through several agencies and programs with little to no success, and I was desperate.  I reached out to Rep. Smith, he met with me and within days my son was on his way to a better life.  Right now, he is in recovery from his mental illness and is trying to have a meaningful, fulfilling life.  A marked change from his psychosis and homelessness.  I’m not sure where we’d be without Mike’s help.

Susan M. Reeves

During the crisis, Mike partnered with Donate Delaware to make sure front-line workers and first responders received the necessary PPE items they needed for the health and safety for themselves and their families. Mike always shows up and is always ready to help!

Dave Tiberi

Southwood Estates

Mike’s unwavering support for law enforcement in both the 22nd district and in Dover has been evident with his support in keeping School Resource Officers in the Delaware schools.

Mike consistently shows that he works for the people of Delaware through his efforts on the Education committee making families his first priority. It goes without saying he sticks to his family first values. To name a few he has sponsored house bills to include HB266 which amended background checks for childcare workers and CO-SPONSORED HCR 58 which placed Rave security systems in schools for added security.

Mike’s weekly virtual updates on numerous social media platforms and morning coffee gatherings keep the 22nd district both informed and involved. This has been evident throughout the current reconstruction along the Little Baltimore Road and Valley Road intersection.

Mike undoubtedly goes up and above for the families in Delaware and more importantly families in the 22nd district.

Cory Nicholson

Thistleberry Farms

This year, our community’s health was threatened by the Covid-19 pandemic. This did not stop Mike Smith from actively engaging the community with ways to help. He participated in efforts to help rebuild our physical, mental and economic health by distributing much needed PPE and meals to healthcare facilities, organizing food drives, supporting a safe re-opening of our economy and keeping us well-informed of state guidelines.  He really has taken a holistic approach to representing our community.   Thank you, Mike!

Julie Dzielak

Beech Hill

Mike has been an active participant in Delaware’s business community. Whether it’s been running Delaware’s Small Business caucus during the Pandemic, helping navigate PPP loans or working to refine policy to support business growth in our state, we can always count on Mike to step up! As a business owner and constituent in District 22, I Like Mike!

Vrajesh Patel

Dennison Ridge

It is my pleasure to endorse Rep Mike Smith for re-election — to serve us, the constituents of the 22nd District! We are so fortunate to have a Representative with his level of proven leadership and passion to achieve results. Rep Smith hosts districts meetings on a regular basis and provides continual updates on issues impacting our communities. One example:  His leadership role in  securing funding in Bond Bill to keep the Polly Drummond Hill yard waste site open even though DNREC pressed for closing the site.  Vote for Mike Smith on November 3rd!

Pamela Bakerian

Lambeth Riding

Mike Smith is the current State Representative of District 22 in Delaware. Living in his district, I reached out to him in 2019 for help with a campaign I was running. Even though he had never met me and was extremely busy himself, he amazingly jumped right on board and became an incredible support to me throughout my campaign. It truly amazed me that a stranger to me would offer so much to me without any hesitation. Mike Smith truly cares about everyone not only in his district but in the whole state. His leadership qualities are what we need these next two years. Re-elect Mike Smith!

Callie Skurla



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