“Delawareans are aging faster and experiencing more illness than the average resident of any other state. Our current system is reactive. We need to bring a proactive approach to Dover. To help model outcomes, I will work to implement the State Employee Healthcare Act to help save dollars in our state budget and incentivize our friends, family and neighbors to be well. I create these partnerships now and will bring that institutional knowledge to Dover. As a member of the Delaware Health Sciences Alliance, I will work with our partners at Christiana Care, Nemours and Thomas Jefferson to create better outcomes for all Delawareans.”

Education and Economic Development

“Our economic development efforts and education initiatives need to tie directly together. We are educated to get a career and careers require education. Time to get back to strategic planning and make the First State first.”


“My career has been defined by bridging the divide and building partnerships. Labels have no place in getting things done. Elections bring labels. Are you Republican or Democrat? The labels that define me are Husband, Father, Caregiver, Coach, Professional, Volunteer and Grandson. I will listen, learn and be actionable for District 22 and the State of Delaware. Let’s show Washington the correct model for governing!”


“District 22 is experiencing an increase in crime. Let’s bring back community policing in the truest sense. We should have law enforcement that live in communities dedicated to those communities to cut down on response time. I will work across the aisle to implement the Community Policing Strategy for efficiency, effectiveness and community safety.”

Job Growth

“My experience in economic development will help drive job growth for Delaware. As a member of the International Economic Development Council, I work with colleagues all over the world on best practices. Being on the Delaware State Chamber of Commerce’s Economic Development Committee and the New Castle County Chamber of Commerce’s Economic Development Council allows me to bring those best practices to Delaware. As your next State Representative, I will write policy to be the catalyst for Delaware’s next economic growth spurt. My first piece of legislation will be First State Innovation Zone Act. Let’s get started!”


“We owe it to our children to be better. Delaware lost its strategic vision on how to best educate our youth. Teachers must be more empowered. They need to have the freedom and resources to teach for genuine learning instead of seeking high scores on standardized tests. Test scores do not always show what learning has actually been accomplished. Education needs to be differentiated. We must bring experiential opportunities into the classroom and work with our partners in higher education to tie what students learn in high school to the College experience as well as training them to be effective in any work environment. That’s what I do through a dual-credit class I teach at Newark High School.”


“District 22 has the second most interior roads in the whole state of Delaware yet legislators get the same number of dollars for road improvement projects. If a legislator falls within municipal boundaries, they receive even more allocation. We need to reallocate dollars differently, more strategically and base allocation off of a prioritization scale. I will work across the aisle with other legislators to tackle this issue for our community!”

Michael Smith and the issues he perceives